What’s up with Ebay?

May 12, 2007

As far as guitars go, I’m really perplexed by the fact that there’s such a fluctuation in prices on good and bad instruments. Good ones not pulling in nearly what they should command, and bad ones pulling in way more money than they’re worth. For instance, I just sold a Shecter C7+, which was the top of their Diamond line, for $280, while I saw a lesser model 7 string Shecter go for about $400. I should’ve definitely gotten that, but I didn’t put a reserve either which is my own stupid fault. I don’t think allot of people knew that particular model because it was discontinued a few years ago, but was comparible to their blackjack line, if not better, in my opinion. Just like the C+. The plus signified the better build. I hated to ship that one.

I’m sure everyone’s got horror stories from Ebay, I know I’ve got plenty. But if it has to do with music equipment, I’d love to hear. I’d also love to hear any suggestions as to how you handle your selling so that it goes good.


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