My First Telecaster Wishes

July 2, 2007

I’ve never owned a Tele. in 20 years of playing, but after reading about how versatile they are, that they can cover just about any style with ease, I’ve been thinking about what I’d like my first Tele to be, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

First I liked this one I saw in a catalog, from Sweetwater
Red Telecaster with Bigsby

This one is almost $900 and is crafted in Japan. I like the Bigsby® on it and feel that it must now be a requirement for my first Tele, but I feel I could do better for that kind of money.

**I should point out that a real Bigsby® runs anywhere from $120 to @ $300, is made of quality materials such as nickel or aluminum, and you can tell by the word “patent” as opposed to “licensed”. I don’t know, but I assume the one that comes on this Japanese Tele is a “licensed” Bigsby which are made of die-cast aluminum (then covered in chrome or gold), but maybe not.**

Then I come across one I like at the Harmony Central Electric Guitar Forum posted by “Ultradust”pink tele with bigsby

Here are the specs: MIM neck, TV Jones Filtertron Classic, Nocaster bridge p’up, Bigsby B5 kit, Custom two-piece double bound alder body from these guys: http://willowsguitar.com/bemarket/shop/index.php
Probably run me the same price if I put it together myself. But I do love that color, so that might be another requirement.

So then I see another color I dig over at the forum on a tele for sale by BlackHatHunter. It’s $745 and I kinda dig the color, but not as much as the pink. Here’s a pic seafoam green tele & specs: US Fender Tele refinished in seafoam green nitro. The pickups are from OC Duff, the neck is a Warmoth, the nut is an Earvana, and the tuners are Sperzels locking tuners.

I don’t know, I kinda like them all, but I’d definitely like a Bigsby. And so these are my initial inspirations for when I get my first Tele. I think my best option here would be to do the specs from the green one with the pink body with a Bigsby, that would be perfect. I don’t know when that’ll be just yet, I just know that I really want one (with a Bigsby). Let me know what you think.


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