Hmmmm, Good Question! (Random Goodness)

September 29, 2007

I don’t really have a title for this one. I was just sitting here, it’s 6 a.m., with a few thoughts and figured I’d post them, since I’d been meaning to post for days now.

First. I was given this kewl necklace. Austrian crystal necklace Here’s the details, it’s Austrian crystals with Irish linen and sterling silver. I really love it. I had been wanting a crystal lately to work with my energy, so I really feel that this came to me because it was the exact one’s I should have. Plus the beautiful green color really looks good on me.

Also, I’m about to experiment, since I’m out of chocolate milk mix, with making chocolate milk with Hershey’s kisses, which I only have 5 left of, and 2 I was saving because one had 2 paper strings coming out and the other had none, so I just thought that would be neat to display, but I think they’re gonna be going in the milk. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve been reading “The Cassiopaen Papers”. Very interesting. I’ll put a link in the blogroll if you want to take a look. It’s transcriptions of a dialog that took place from 94′ – 02′ between a channeled group known as the Cassiopaens, and a group of people who asked questions and received information. I’ve also been reading a couple books I got at the dollar store, one is “Phil Lesh: Searching For the Sound: My Life With the Grateful Dead”, and the other is “Al Franken: Lies, and the Lying Liars That Tell Them”. I’m about halfway done the Phil Lesh book and it’s pretty good. I wasn’t a big fan of the Dead, but I love some of the stories and insights. I do really like Al Franken, plus for a dollar you can’t go wrong. (The dollar store near here is the best. These books retail for @ $25 each). I will do a review when I’m done.

What else? I’d really like to get more of a form to my blog here. It started out where I was going to just do all guitar related stuff, but then it seemed to be good for more than that, where I could post my thoughts on my various interests, so I guess now it’s slowly transforming. So you’ll start seeing more, and hopefully it’ll be in some sort of order.

I think that’ll be all for now, since I forget the other things I wanted to say and I already have ideas for a whole new post. I just realized there’s a tag section underneath where I guess you put your tags for the search engines. Hmmm, really neat. No wonder noones been coming to visit, but maybe they will now. I’d have definitely been using it if I knew but I’m learning more as I go. WAIT!! I just remembered the last thing I wanted to post. It’s more to my last post/review about my new Sennheiser headphones. I know I said how awesome they were, but I can’t stop harping about these and wanted to give a bit more info. First off, they have a 10 ft. cord which is real nice, not some crappy 2 ft. cord where you’re limited and always yanking them out. Second, it comes with a 1/8 in. plug attached to it, and also includes a 1/4 in. plug which was smart of them. But this is where they really got smart with these things. The cable which attaches to the headphones comes with their own 1/8 in. plug which plugs into the phones so you can un-attach them for convenience, and they fit very snug. I almost wouldn’t have known if I didn’t re-read the packing. So it’s like a Y-cable with 1/8 in. ends which you could also use for other things. That’s not all, the phones themselves are detachable from the headpiece. I knew I thought I read that when I opened them. I’m glad I started playing around with them. So basically they break down real easy for packing them away in your bag or whatnot. And one last thing about them is the cool leatherette padded linings on the ears and top. It’s hard to explain until you see them but it’s like leathery paper. So there you go. They’re highly rated as the best pair you can get for under $100. If you have them or like them, let me know.

So that’s it, see you next time.


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  1. Email me if you need some help with the blog, Babe.

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