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Ron Paul 2008 › Get Involved

January 28, 2008

I support Ron Paul, and strongly urge you to do the same if you care about our Constitution. Freedom doesn’t maintain itself, just watch this video to see what other nations lost their freedom, and how it was done, and I think you’ll see that we’re on a familiar course.
Please visit Dr. Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) website and help with any support you can. Just click the title. We can do this, together.
Naomi Wolf – End of America

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Gibson Dove

July 26, 2007

Has anyone ever seen this model of the Gibson Dove? This is the model I have.dove3 It’s an anniversary model from 95′. I have done lots of searching about it and always come up empty except for one band site that a person mentions that he has the same model. Actually, this is a photoshoped image I had to make from 2 different guitars since mine’s in storage and I couldn’t photograph it. The truss rod is the only thing I couldn’t get to, but mine says “DOVE”. It has gold Grover keystone tuners and I believe a Fishman amplification system.

These are the 2 pictures I used to create the image of mine, which is an accurate image.

So if anyone’s ever seen this model guitar or can tell me more about it (like anyone even sees this page), I’d appreciate any info you might have on it. Thanks.


For Your Eyes Only…

June 26, 2007

Body, Mind and Soul are the same. I could not have put it better. I wish everyone would get to know and believe this. It’s so true.


How Good Is The LG CU400? Find Out…

June 25, 2007

How Good Is The LG CU400? Find Out…

So I got this new phone, courtesy of my beautiful sister.lg cu400

Pretty cool I think. Plus, this was a way for me to try the “Link It” feature. Again, pretty cool.

So I’m officially done with my old crappy prepaid Virgin Vox 8610 phone. vox 8610 Farewell old friend.

But this new LG is AWESOME!! It does so much cool stuff, like the Push to Talk feature, basically a walkie talkie feature that you can talk to others who have this feature with the push of the side button. I definitely recommend it. Check one out if you’re in the market. My sis got it during a special where it ended up costing very little. I think they run about $200. On special about $30. The only downside is having to purchase a subscription to every cool feature, like streaming videos, music, t.v., or paying for all the data exchange during online browsing. But it’s a self contained media unit that you can record video, audio, and take and edit pictures with lots of options that let you have allot of control over each. So hopefully soon I’ll be posting some media straight from it. Look out.


Hello world!

September 9, 2006

Hello indeed! This is my test post. I’ll be trying to get this together so you’ll probably see alot of changes in the future, but for the best as I really wanna make this blog thing cool, kinda like my own diary, which I’ve never had in real life so why not put it all out there? Or most of it anyway.

I’m citing this site as my official space on the web. So welcome!! I will be posting here allot once I get comfortable and figure out this system better. So as time permits you should be seeing much more from me shortly. In the meantime, I have a spot on myspace

that’s chock full of cool videos that interest me in case you’re so inclined. So until we meet again………..

BTW – My birthday is in a couple of days. #34