My Gear

I’ll post some pics of some of my gear, and I’ll list the rest. Sound good?

Vantage Avenger 330-mx Vantage Avenger 325 Musicman Steve Morse model

prs ce22 Fernandes Kushner Ravelle Elite

Hamer USA STUM Epiphone MM-50 mando Vantage X-77 st100 rg320rrf

Also, some of these are catalog pics, like the Vantages, cuz I haven’t taken pics of mine yet and they’re in storage, but the 325 is the same color, just more beat up, the x77 is black too, same as the pic, and the 330mx is silver and in great shape, looks new like the pic almost. Great guitars for cheap. I used to pick them up whenever I could to use as beaters. They’re so good.

Up there it’s a 95′ PRS CE22, Hamer USA STUM, MusicMan Steve Morse, Fernandes Ravelle Elite Kushner model, and an Epiphone MM50 mandolin. Also a 79′ Ibanez ST100 and a 2001 RG320 RRF (red rock flat) with a SD JB/bridge and a SD Invader/neck.
I also have a 95′ Gibson Dove anniversary model in black (ebony) that I can’t find any info about. I’ve only seen one other like it in black, not sure if it was the same year though. Also have a Yamaha FG325 from the late 70’s, and a Hohner Journeyman classical to beat on but it has a unique recorded sound, like a piano. I’m not gonna get into pedals for now, until I catalog them and see what all I’ve got. I only know what I was using last off the top of my head and everything’s in storage so when I get to it I’ll post everything.

And as far as Amps, I use an original early – mid 80’s Marshall JCM800 2205 with a Marshall 1960 (ax or av, I can’t remember. av I think) cab, and a MesaBoogie DC5 head. I also have a Marshall Lead 12 and a BK Butler Tube Driver 60w combo model TD742.

So, there’s more but I will come back and finish later. I have lots I wanna do as I keep figuring stuff out.

One more thing is that I’ve gotten rid of more nice equipment than I care to think about, so what I’d like to do is make a page of things I once had for nostalgia, but that’s gonna be a long and depressing list. So stay tuned….. Thanks.


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